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Learn About the Cost of Garage Doors

The cost of your garage door will depend on several factors. You’ll need to take each of those factors into consideration when you’re going to get a new garage door for your home. 

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One of those factors is the style of your garage door. If you care a great deal about aesthetics, then this is bound to be a big deal with you. You might want the style that best suits and fits your lifestyle and personality. 

Another crucial factor is the features that you want to add to your garage door. Some might want to add a lot of features to their garage door while others will settle for simpler features.

Other Factors That Affect the Price of Garage Doors

Aside from the style and features, there are other important factors that contribute to how a grand prairie garage door is priced. One other main factor is the material composition of the garage door. For example, wood, fiberglass, or vinyl are bound to have different prices.

Then there are factors such as durability, insulation, and even steel strength, which you also need to consider. When looking closely at the cost of garage doors, you need to know what to look at initially. 

The following are the main categories to view if you want to learn about the cost of garage doors:

Main Categories of Garage Doors

Three main categories of garage doors exist, modern, classic, and carriage. Below is important information that you’ll need to know about each one, especially if you’re looking for a new garage door.


The one that’s generally known as classic-style garage doors offers very good functionality. With this type of garage door, the things that have the biggest impact when it comes to pricing are the types of material and the number of layers. 

Below are some examples of classic style garage door pricing:

  • Cost of single-layer steel: $750 to $950
  • Cost of two-layer steel: $800 to $1000
  • Cost of three-layer steel: $945 to $1700
  • Cost of classic wood: $1000 to $5000
  • Cost of fiberglass (faux wood): $5000 to $10000


When it comes to carriage-style garage doors, these resemble the look of a cottage home while also being inspired by canyon living. The cottage home that it looks like is the type that you’d find far from the city. 

Below are some of the potential pricing for carriage style garage doors:

  • Cost of insulated steel carriage: $1000 to $5000
  • Cost of affordable wood or steel carriage: $1000 to $7500
  • Cost of Faux Wood carriage: $5000 to $10000
  • Cost of wood carriage: $10000 and above
  • Cost of steel and composite four-layer carriage: $1000 to $5000


Modern homes require suitable garage doors as far as looks are concerned. Classic or carriage-style garage doors aren’t compatible with it at all. So it will need a modern garage-style door that would be more in line with its look and overall style. 

The pricing for modern-style garage doors usually starts at $7500 for a garage that measures 16 feet by 17 feet. It would only go up from there as the sizes also increase.

If ever you’re in need of a new garage door, make sure that you learn about the cost of garage doors as it’s one of the most important aspects that will help lead you to get the right one.

4 Best Roofing Materials to Consider For Your Property

Roofing is the last thing that a homeowner gives importance until it reaches its condition where it requires necessary attention. This is essentially when your home begins to leak from the above and your entire world comes crashing down. This is the time when you need to call for a professional saginaw roofing contractor in Saginaw, Texas, and wish that your roof will stay in a good condition after repair for half a century!

This is as well the huge reason why you must know and use the best materials for your roof which is not only effective it could also stand the test of time than light on your pocket. All things considered, you can absolutely follow the tips mentioned as follows for choosing the best materials for your roofing job:

Clay Style

Clay tiles are made from a melded urban places that are old and designed into the kind of shape you would want and preferred then fired until they turned brown for maximum hardness. These could be an excellent choice for roofing material to be used especially in hot and humid areas as they function as heat insulators. Definitely one of the most energy-efficient keeping the indoor cool – Clay tiles can be a bit costly and expensive. However, it is very durable and can last at least 40 to 50 years without least maintenance. Moreover, this material is as well fire resistant so if you live in an area prone to bush fire then you can consider using this material and have peace of mind.

Slate Shingles

Possibly, the ugliest roofing material, but slate shingles can as well be the most effective and affordable choice you can go for! Though you must be very careful and cautious with this. As slate shingles might chip or break if fallen from quite a height so remind your roofing contractor to handle them with care. But, do not be discouraged upon knowing that, as if it is properly installed, it can certainly last you 75 to 100 years at a stretch with zero maintenance. Another feature of slate shingles that should be highlighted, is that they can also be used as rooftop compost without the fear of water leakage.

Synthetic Tiles

A new and more innovative variety of the age-old slate tiles, synthetic variants can as well be used for their amazing benefits. From its durability to the overall aesthetics synthetic tiles are as well save you money and need only little maintenance regularly. Plus, these are very quick and easy to install and do not need much professional expertise. They’re also lightweight as compared to the natural slate tiles and can be customized as per your wants and preferences. However, the only disadvantage is that they do not offer a long-lasting life compare to natural slate but, could last decently up to 40 to 50 years.

Green Roof

Green or eco-friendly roofing is primarily made the most of compost which can later be used for growing plants on the roof. Though this idea might seem regressive as to the water leakage feature, if it has been planned out well then this out-of-the-ordinary roof type can prove to be the deal-breaker. Ideally, green roof style provides best to the modern households that aren’t built on a wide area or piece of land but, rather creating the most out of what it already has. Technically, you do not need any more space for your gardening project as all of it can easily be accomplished on the roof itself.

Each of these four roofing types offers its unique advantages and some disadvantages. Nevertheless, you must fight the odds and, focus more on the incredible benefits that you would enjoy and bestow upon you. If you will be needing help regarding roofing repair and other concerns contact Saginaw’s Best Roofing & Repair LLC a leading roofing contractor based in Saginaw, Texas that could assist you with all of your roofing needs and requirements.

Garage Door Price Guide for 2021

Thinking of getting a new garage door? Your decision might already be warranted, but there are actually plenty of factors to consider. You might not realize it yet, but reaching a final decision on whether to get a new door has to go through a process.

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Consider the different factors involved. There are quite a few and it depends on various circumstances. One of the foremost factors though is the cost of the new garage door. Is it within your budget? Do you even have a budget for it at all? Those are just a few things related to cost that are worth considering.

To help you and other homeowners who have a similarly tight budget for their new garage door, you should consult Garage Door Repair Garland TX for a price guide. And it should be a garage door price guide for 2021 so you’ll know the latest prices as well as other important and related information.

The Price of a New Garage Door

How much does a new garage door cost? 

A new garage door has a price range of $250.00 to $10,000.00. That is such a wide range of price but it can be explained by the diversity in the design, size, and materials of the garage doors. 

The price range can be divided into three different categories – basic, mid-range, and high-end categories. Here’s a breakdown of each one including details:

  • Basic ($250 – $1,000) – These are pre-made garage doors that can be bought off the shelf. They are usually made from steel and most have little or no windows.
  • Mid-Range ($800 – $2,500) – This is a slight step-up from the basic category of garage doors. These are often insulated. In this category, the materials are already varied and include glass, fiberglass, wood, and steel. There are moderate design elements in these doors.
  • High-End ($1,500 – $10,000) – In this category, the garage doors are usually highly customized while having faux wood or solid construction. There are various styles to choose from, from carriage to roll-up, to tilt-up. These almost always come insulated.

Garage Door Prices by Material

Looking at garage door prices by material is also important. And it’s especially important since a lot of people make their decisions based on the type of material that they want for their garage doors.

  • Wood ($1,000 – $5,500)
  • Faux Wood / Composite ($750 – $6,100)
  • Aluminum ($500 – $2,000)
  • Fiberglass ($850 – $3,000)
  • Steel ($500 – $3,200)
  • Vinyl ($700 – #2,100)
  • Screen Doors ($20 – $1,300)

Garage Door Pricing by Style

Garage door prices can also vary based on style. On average, it has a range of $400 to $6,000. However, even though you or other homeowners might put a lot of consideration into it, style isn’t as important as size material, or customization when it comes to pricing. But you also need to be aware that there are garage door types that have what can be considered as premium price tags when it’s customized in wood. Examples of that are French or carriage types.

This simple garage door price guide for 2021 should be able to provide some assistance for anyone looking to get a new garage door. It gives a good idea of the kind of budget you need to have when you start the process of looking for your door.

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