There has been a recent growth in the demand for high-strength concrete as they have a specified compressive strength of around 6000 psi and offer high performance. It is always worthwhile to choose an experienced contractor if you require higher strength concrete for your construction projects.

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Why You Need High Strength Concrete – 4 Common Reasons

  • It doesn’t take a long time to be dry and ready, so you can set the concrete structure into service immediately. For instance, if you are planning to construct a concrete pavement in a public area, use higher strength concrete and you can open and make use of the pavement within 2-3 days.
  • The use of higher strength concrete to build and construct the superstructures such as long bridges, the durability, and strength of bridge decks will improve significantly. 
  • Use higher strength concrete to build a high-rise building and you can lessen the size of the columns and pillars then increase the available space in your rooms.
  • If you want to construct a concrete structure with high elasticity, durability, flexural strength, or have other specific needs or requirements, use higher strength concrete and you can customize its features accordingly. Some common applications of this concrete variety are parking garages, grandstand roofs, dams, marine foundations, and heavy-duty industrial floors.

Learn How to Design High-Strength Concrete Mixture

Achieving a prime concrete mixture design will become easier if you can choose a reputable contractor. They use locally available materials when putting in new concrete. Though their main focus is on the strength of the material, they also make sure that the hardened concrete has other desired properties as required by the builder. Some concepts you have to know and understand when designing a high-strength mixture are the following:

  • Select durable and strong aggregates. Although they are not hard or possess high strength, they must be compatible with the cement paste as their strength and stiffness are concerned. If you want a material to have higher strength, use maximum size coarse aggregate.
  • Higher-strength concrete is more prone to cracking as the mixture has a high amount of cementitious materials which increases the heat generated during hydration and result to high shrinkage. Few common cementitious materials commonly found in high strength mixtures are silica fume, granulated blast furnace slag, natural pozzolanic materials, and metakaolin.
  • Sometimes, air entrainment is also used in high-strength concrete which affects and has a negative impact on the material’s strength potential.

Few More Tips to Follow When Using High Strength Concrete

  • Be attentive to your project specification and assess them so that you can select the right concrete properties like shrinkage, creep and modulus to elasticity.
  • Material with lower paste volumes and higher aggregate will help you attain lower shrinkage also creep and high modulus of electricity.
  • Still you can use small size aggregates to produce concrete with high compressive strength, it can compromise the material’s shrinkage, creep, and other properties.
  • The method you have to follow when transporting, producing, placing, or finishing off high-strength concrete is different from conventional concretes.

Choose the Right Supplier for More Concrete Properties

If you are looking for a multipurpose mixture that can be used for a broad variety of purposes, look for a well-known and reputable supplier of ready mix concrete. They pay more attention when preparing the mixture and evaluate the material. Know and understand your project specifications so you can choose the right variety. Some of the properties you can include in the material are modulus of elasticity and creep shrinkage. The mixture designer will consider the structure’s design before setting limits on these properties.

Meanwhile, your knowledge and awareness about high-strength concrete have enriched, it’s time you start looking for a reputable contractor or supplier in North Texas. You can visit us at the Irving Concrete Crew through our company website for more information or get in touch with the local experts.