Some people with a concrete driveway, porch, or sidewalk installed in their home are not aware of the fact that even the smallest crack could have an impact on the visual look of the whole structure. Neglect to fix and repair them can complicate the damage and compromise safety. Though the concrete is specifically designed to provide ultimate durability and has low tensile strength, cracks become unavoidable when the inner tensile strength goes beyond the concrete’s tensile strength.

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There are a few people who avoid using any concrete structure in their property because of those cracks. The best that can be done is to approach a reputable and expert concrete supplier. They are not only providing high-quality concrete but also let you know the several reasons why concrete cracks. They also try to protect and maintain their reputation by undertaking every step necessary to prevent those random cracks.

4 Tips to Prevent Concrete from Cracking by Mansfield Concrete Crew

• Consider the Depth of the Joints

The thickness of the construction joints must be 1/4th of the slab. A plane of weakness is created when the slabs are joined. How and from where the slab will crack is mainly dependent on the plane of weakness. When hand tools jointer are used to the concrete, more care should be taken to avoid the edges from wearing away or erode. You can determine the full depth of the slab from the construction workers.

• Consider the Time

One of the key reasons why concrete slabs and structures develop random cracks is because they were not joined immediately. Experienced concrete suppliers in Mansfield, normally inform their customers to put plastic or hardboard performed strip in the concrete while it is still soft. You can get the most out of the strips only if they are correctly aligned and not slanted. Random cracks will develop if the strips are not correctly placed or aligned.

• Cure it properly

The significance of proper curing can never be disregarded, especially if you want to make sure the durability of a concrete structure. A curing compound is applied by the contractor right after the concrete project is completed and then the curing process starts. Moist curing helps in sustaining the moisture content of newly placed concrete before the start of the curing process. Though it commonly takes 7 days for moist curing, it will be greatly beneficial if you can let the concrete cure for a longer period of time.

• Seal the Joints

Though sealing the joints of the slabs is not compulsory, they keep the joints secure from incompressible materials and penetration of surface water. Sub-grade failure commonly occurs due to infiltration of surface water while spalling concrete occurs if the joints have liquid or incompressible materials. Sealant must be applied only after the concrete has dry up completely. The sealant bonds entirely with the concrete and make the structure capable of escalating and shrinking without cracking.

It’s time for you to follow the tips specified above and get in contact with reputable and reliable concrete suppliers in Mansfield if you want to protect the concrete structures from random cracks.

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