Your good old bathtub needs an upgrade. To be clear, you’re thinking about an upgrade and not a replacement. Those are two different things and you’re already past considering which of the two is for you. So an upgrade is your choice in the form of bathtub refinishing.

Bathtub Refinishing Arlington TX

Is bathtub refinishing truly your best option? It might seem like the best option at first, but you still need to learn more about it. A good look at the details of this process will certainly help and not just for you but for others who are in the middle of making the same decision.

So below we talk about what you need to know about bathtub refinishing. Hopefully, by the end, anyone who reads will be able to make an informed decision of their own!

The Cost of Bathtub Refinishing

What is the cost of refinishing your bathtub? We got to start with the cost because most homeowners have this as their main concern. They want to know if their budget is enough or if they will need to wait a bit longer before their bathtub could be refinished.

The usual cost of bathtub refinishing is from $300 to $600. This price range is dependent on the process used as well as the area. Compare that to the total cost of a bathtub replacement, which would set you back around $1,500. That’s for the whole process, even though the new tub itself is going to cost about $150.

The Bathtub Refinishing Process

Looking at the bathtub refinishing process, there are three major steps involved in it. The three steps are as follows:

  • The first step that the technician will do is to strip off the tub’s old finishes. Then the tub is going to be sanded to achieve a smooth surface.
  • The next step is to repair any cracks, holes, or rust spots that the bathtub has.
  • The last step will involve the application of a primer, several layers of coating, plus a sealant. Owners will only need to wait from one to three days and then they can use the tub again. 

If you’re wondering, a newly refinished bathtub can be used again for the next 10 to 15 years. That’s a long time and certainly makes a good case for the fact that bathtub refinishing is worth it.

When to Refinish Your Bathtub

When is the best time to refinish your bathtub? Well, when it’s old and worn out of course. But don’t wait too long or for your tub to be overly damaged before you do it.

However, it’s okay to subject your very old tubs to refinishing. In fact, very old tubs are probably the best fit for the refinishing process. The based on Arlington Bathtub Refinishing, the main reason for this is the high quality of the bathtub’s made in the past compared to what’s being produced today. 

What this means is that you need to carefully consider several factors when deciding to refinish or to replace them. You might be better off replacing the newer models than putting them through the refinishing process.

At least, you’re equipped with the knowledge of what you need to know about bathtub refinishing.